Better Late Than Never

Here’s a new song of mine, Better Late Than Never, I had produced in Nashville by the folks at Dog Ear Studio, with Kim Everett on vocals:



You moved your brush with a lover’s touch

And painted a rising sun

With every stroke, a critic spoke

“should’ve done this while you were young”

Wasn’t that when your daddy said, “Stop wasting your time”

‘Till all the colors of your world faded to black and white

And I say…



Hey, it’s better late than never

It never is too late to change your life forever

Hey, it’s better late than never

Another perfect day

Never mind the weather

it’s better late than never


You stood outside in a gown of white

And stared at the chapel door

you saw this scene inside your dreams

a hundred times or more

And through the years you had your doubts

In God, in love, and men

But when he held you in his arms

Love felt young again





You’re like a fine wine, getting better all the time

Like a star you’re going to shine cuz baby – you’re great!

When you’re good and ready, Yer gonna rock ‘em steady

But till that day – baby they’ll just have to wait… and I say



© Jeff Wessman BMI