Tribute Singer in the Style of Frank Sinatra


What do you hear now Liza
Whispers on the wind
Gone, gone, gone, gone
The places that you’ve been

Don’t you cry now  Liza
Don’t you shed a tear
Round, round, round, round
The family circles near


Angels lift your burden
In time you’ll know yourself
As you’ve always been

Bellies full of laughter
When the soup was done
Dance, dance, dance, dance
Dancing to our song

Always first to rise up
Like the morning sun
Shine, shine, shine, shine
Shine for everyone


Hold me close now Liza
Hold me in your gaze
Sweet sweet sweet sweet
Sweet have been our days

When you lay down Liza
When you shed your name
Fly fly fly fly
Fly back where you came

© Jeff Wessman   All Rights Reserved

Deep Six (from L to R): Joao Brentlinger, Norm Weintraub, Robert Adamich, Jeff Wessman, Barbara Juniper, Bodhi Setchko.