Tribute Singer in the Style of Frank Sinatra

Stompin’ Grounds

Writers: Jeff Wessman and Denis Loiseau



Kids are catchin’ crawdads by the levee
Liver on a string and a coffee can
Playin’ hide and seek in the meadow
Jumpin’ in the water by the loadin’ ramp
Stealin’ smokes behind the barn
Shootin’ bottles with a pellet gun
Scatter like birds when the dinner bell rings
Sneakin’ out when night fall comes

Whoah yeah, don’t it make ya holler
Like a hound dog howlin’
when the train comes ’round
Lord Knows, ya never get enough
Kickin up the dust in your Stompin’ grounds
In your Stompin’ Grounds

Home team winnin’ on a Friday night
Old scores are settled in the parkin’ lot
Two cars meet at the county line
Engines revvin’ up for the pistol shot
Sweet young things playin’ hard to get
Bad boys layin’ on the charm
Sparks flyin’ high from a big bonfire
A kegger kickin up at the farm


Up all night an’ still going strong
Drunk dude on the microphone
Beat box preachin, everybody screamin
Nobody here going home!


This song recently got picked up by Washington Street Publishing for a tv and film licensing agreement. For more information on licensing opportunities for this song contact us here.